COVERINGS 2016 in Chicago.

COVERINGS 2016 in Chicago from 18th- 21st April.  Booth No. 8533.
Dear our guests,
It has been a year since we saw you in the Orland show.
We are going to put our new and prototype mosaics as shown. It will be our great pleasure to be able to see you again!
 2016covering FRAME_400x400 2016covering FRAMEテーパー_400x400 2016covering フローラ_400x400 2016covering ペタル_400x400 2016covering メタル耐酸ゴールド入り._400x400 2016coveringタイムレスボーダー_400x400 2016covering スターダストボーダー_400x400 2016covering タイムレス2”ヘキサ=400x400

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