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Taipei Building Show 2017 Dec. 14th – 17th in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center 10:00-18:00 Our original desing in hand-glazed gorgeous colors. We can tailor-make your designs into the size and the colors you want. Related Post: TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 2015 TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 2015 (3) TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 2015 (5) 60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary


We marked 60th year from our foundation in October 1st this year. We are so much grateful for all the patronage that all of you have given us! Here are some of our original designs made back in 1970-80’s. In those days, makers as well as exporters were so much prolific, which truly is amazing considering the fact that they were not equipped with software and applications that we have now.  Now the business environment around us has changed dramatically.  However, we are determined to continue our efforts to produce beautiful tiles of our original designs!  Thank you for your supports in advance! Related Post: Happy New year 2018! Seasonal



We are #2907.  You have only two days to see the rich and deep colors of our glazes. Literally unique shapes and designs are also waiting for you!  Find us with the overhead JAPAN sign. Related Post: ARCHITECTURE+CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 2017 Japan Home & Building Show 2015 COVERINGS 17 BOOTH 2907 Coverings 2015 Booth 2657



ARCHITECTURE+CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 2017 IN TOKYO MARCH 7TH – 10TH  Hall 6 – Stand: AC5127 We will be showing our new product PETAL and our popular tiles such as 1-inch hex in original pattern. Test products will be there as well. All made in our local factories in our own colors and designs. Hope you will find the beauty of Japan-made rich glazes in hand-mounted mosaics. Related Post: Happy New year 2018! TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 台北国際建築建材展2 Japan Home & Building Show 2015 CEVISAMA 2016



Just one year has passed since we put our products at TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW  台北国際建築建材展 in December last year. This year, at the same venue from Dec. 15th – 18th, we are going to bring three panels of which two new products are shown in Taiwan for the very first time. FLORA arranged with hand-painted flowers won the popularity contest among mosaic tiles made in Japan at Japan Home and Building Show in October. Thank you for your votes! We look forward to seeing you this year again in Taiwan! FLORA (with hand-painted FLOWER) PETAL HEART                         Related Post: Japan Home

CERSAIE 2016 – BOLOGNA ITALY from 26 – 30 SEP.


We are going to put our new mosaic tiles at the coming CERSAIE show in Bologna Italy from 26-30 Sept. Hall 16 Stand A29  with KANO CERAMIC TILE. Our mosaic tiles are unique. Ours are totally different from ceramic wall tiles made in other countries from aesthetic point of view.  It is the glazes and the production method that we have maintained for years.  We are proud of the depth and richness of the colors that our tiles have. Please have a look and listen to what they speak to you.  See you there! Related Post: Happy New year 2018! Exhibiting at CEVISAMA 2015 Thank you for having visited our CEVISAMA stand! TAIPEI

COVERINGS 2016 in Chicago.

2016covering フローラ_400x400

COVERINGS 2016 in Chicago from 18th- 21st April.  Booth No. 8533. Dear our guests, It has been a year since we saw you in the Orland show. We are going to put our new and prototype mosaics as shown. It will be our great pleasure to be able to see you again!   Related Post: Thank you for having visited our CEVISAMA stand!



Our products under developments put at the CEVISAMA show in Valencia, Spain from Feb. 1 – 5. The show was just closed.  Thank you very much for coming to Japanese booth!  We are proud of the beautiful colors made by the combination of our glazes, fire and earth.                                   Related Post: Japan Home & Building Show 2015 TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 2015 Thank you for having visited our CEVISAMA stand! Coverings 2015 Booth 2657


Here goes our last panel presented at Taipei. Mini border blended in five colors. Related Post: TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 2015 TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 台北国際建築建材展1 Japan Home & Building Show 2015 TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 2015 (3)


Heart in black and white.  They come in 9 colors total.  Select the color you like the best! Related Post: HEART TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 台北国際建築建材展