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Exhibiting at CEVISAMA 2015

Here are our panels to be shown at the CEVISAMA 2015, Valencia Spain from 9th – 13th February.  Pavilion: NIVEL 3 PABELLÓN 1 Stand: A16. In the world of ceramic tiles, large cement tiles, patterned tiles, hexagons are now in fashion, say many people. We do small mosaic tiles – all porcelain, which is durable, stain-free and anti-frost. Due to such advantages, our porcelain mosaic tiles are a perfect choice for many applications; walls and floors for interior, exterior and swimming pool and more. Sizewise, mosaics are easy to be installed in small ereas with beautiful patterns as you wish to make.   This year, we are showing our new products and new colors.   Exhibiting under CENTRAL PACIFIC

CEVISAMA 2015 -3

What do you think about these earth colors? 52x62mm (2″) Hexagon and 22x47mm (1×2″). They will also be waiting for you at the CEVISAMA. Matt rustic metallic Hexagon in contrast with high-gloss mini border in sublte mocha. Our glaze staff HISAYA did a very good job. Don’t you think so?  

CEVISAMA 2015 -2

モザイクタイル ボーダー グリーン 

Hello again. Our second panel for CEVISAMA ’15. SAVOR border 15x47mm (5/8″ x 2″) in high-gloss arranged with deep-brown long borders also in high-gloss. Without a close look, you would probably not able to tell what the square brown ones..…. They are one round edges from our PEONY 23mm (1″). Hope you like this design!.  


If you are coming to CEVISAMA ’15 in Spain, please visit our stand. We are showing mosaic tiles 100% our ori…ginal desings and colors. This one is my very first favorite of six products to the Show. Not only our staff but also our clients gave it high marks!! Timeless yet warm touch. Hope you can feel it.    

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