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Hexagon & Square Mosaic

Hexagon & 15mm mosaic

New Items under Development

New Item Test Sun Flower

Our Tiles at Taipei International Building Material Show

Our Tiles at Taipei International Building Material Show SHADE BORDER HAMP KUROTOGA SELECT

new items

New item under develpment

Penny Round New Colors

We love round mosaics.  Penny round (19mm)  is one of such tiles we have been making in our town. Using traditional glazes and techniques we have nurtured for years, we are capable of making various kinds of penny round tiles up to your request. Here below is such as example.  They are our original colors and you can make a request to modify them into your preference.  For example, we can change them much whiter or darker.  Or we can add much green or blue.  Why not ask us for your original colors.  

Bamboo Expo 14 Oct. 29-30

Bamboo Expo 14  ON THE WEB 29TH FRIDAY,  REAL AT EBISU IN TOKYO ON 30TH,  BOTH 13:00- 19:00 As a group TILING WORLD which is formed by 16 companies, we are going to show a gorgeous tile art  at BABOO EXPO below.  TILING WORLD will make an endeavor to find new values in ceramic tiles and create a culture by which people love to use such tiles in Japan.

Summer Holiday 2020

Dear visitors, Hello from very humid and hot Tajimi!  Our business will be closed from 13th to 16th August.  Your mails will be addressed after this holiday.  Thank you for your corporation in advance!

Photo Gallery updated!

Pool Tiles (Made-to-order)

We have updated Photo Gallery with some new photos: Pool tile projects in Singapore, new items we planned for the Coverings 20 and projects here at home Japan. → Photo Gallery  

Japanese ceramic industry broadcast on demand

Industrial Tourism & The Northern Alps NHK WORLD JAPAN Our daily work of mounting mosaic tiles is now broadcast on demand here (until February 3, 2021). “Japanese manufacturing industry such as automobile, railway, aerospace and ceramics evolved in central Japan. Our reporter visits corporate museums in Aichi, takes a night cruise through the complexes of Yokkaichi, Mie, and tours the premier ceramic tile city of Tajimi, Gifu. Ideal for children and adults, alike.”

COVERINGS 2020 from April 20 – 23

    Booth 8829 at COVERINGS 2020 in New Orleans from Apr. 20 – 23. Our original new colors and textured tiles are shown in Japan booth.  Look forward to seeing you all!

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