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Hexagon 52x60mm Unglazed White


Here is unglazed HEXAGON 52x60mm made in Japan as usual. Hexagonal pattern is regarded auspicious omens motif bringing you good fortune in Japan.   So this house will be blessed with lots of good things! This unglazed porcelain HEXAGON comes in four colors; white, black, green and brown. Please contant us for the details. Thank you. Related Post: TAIPEI BUILDING SHOW 台北国際建築建材展2 CEVISAMA 2015 -3 Products COVERINGS 17 BOOTH 2907

New mosaic in 2015


Happy New Year 2015! At the beginning of the new year, we are launching STARDUST 22.5mm (1″) mosaic.   Our carefully selected glazes and their delicate balance in their blending brought a new radiance to this porcelain mosaic. Although the size may be too popular for those who are looking for something exciting, the high-gloss achieved on the undulated surface will definitely make your home anew! Related Post: Happy New Year 2016! COVERINGS 17 BOOTH 2907 CEVISAMA 2015 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

Pool tiles underway

stardust #10_300

Did you know Japan was one of major pool tile exporting country?  It still is!! High-fired porcelain tiles are durable, stain-free and anti-frost.  We are sure that many of you and your familes have used Japanese pool tiles.  Our new pool tile “STARDUST” underway in 3 sizes: 22.5mm, 22 x 47mm and 47mm. Related Post: CEVISAMA 2015 -4

PEONY – Beauty of Japanese Lady

CIMG1638 - コピー

PEONY- 49mm (2″)  made to order The motif is flower Peony (on the right).  Here in Japan, we have an expression to describe beauty of lady, which goes – Beautiful as Flower Peony when standing, Tree Peony when sitting and Lily when walking.  (Hope you can improve our translation! Please don’t hesitate but contact us! ) Currrently our regular stock for PEONY is 23mm (1″) only and 49mm (2″) and 75mm (3″ ) are all made-to-order.         Related Post: CEVISAMA 2015 -2 CEVISAMA 2015

CEVISAMA 2015 -4


Here is our 4th post for CEVISAMA ’15. Blend of baby blue and baby green of 22.5mm (1″)  STARDUST, our new propduct underway.   Our desinger Shinobu inserted blue bars at the center, which changed the  impression of the mosaic from soft to sharp to our happy surprise!  Nice, isn’t it? Related Post: Navy blue mosaic best for pools New mosaic in 2015

Navy blue mosaic best for pools


Today is a national holiday, Labor Thanksgiving Day, in Japan. But I am enjoying sorting out our new product STARDUST in a quiet office where no calls interrupt me! Photos below are 22.5mm (1″) and 22.5x47mm (1″x2″) just out from the kiln. I beleive you can imagine how beautifully these deep blue mosaics would finish your pool!   Related Post: Pool tiles underway

CEVISAMA 2015 -3


What do you think about these earth colors? 52x62mm (2″) Hexagon and 22x47mm (1×2″). They will also be waiting for you at the CEVISAMA. Matt rustic metallic Hexagon in contrast with high-gloss mini border in sublte mocha. Our glaze staff HISAYA did a very good job. Don’t you think so?   Related Post: CEVISAMA 2015 -2 CEVISAMA 2015 Hexagon 52x60mm Unglazed White New mosaic in 2015

CEVISAMA 2015 -2

モザイクタイル ボーダー グリーン 

Hello again. Our second panel for CEVISAMA ’15. SAVOR border 15x47mm (5/8″ x 2″) in high-gloss arranged with deep-brown long borders also in high-gloss. Without a close look, you would probably not able to tell what the square brown ones..…. They are one round edges from our PEONY 23mm (1″). Hope you like this design!.   Related Post: CEVISAMA 2015 -3 PEONY – Beauty of Japanese Lady CEVISAMA 2015 New mosaic in 2015



If you are coming to CEVISAMA ’15 in Spain, please visit our stand. We are showing mosaic tiles 100% our ori…ginal desings and colors. This one is my very first favorite of six products to the Show. Not only our staff but also our clients gave it high marks!! Timeless yet warm touch. Hope you can feel it.     Related Post: CEVISAMA 2015 -2 CEVISAMA 2015 -3 PEONY – Beauty of Japanese Lady Subway Blue Jeans

Japan Home Show 2014


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